Professional Players’ Team (Pro-Team)

KingShark intends to prepare its professional players’ team to participate in the live tournaments soon.


Attendance conditions in Professional Team:

  • Be a KingShark Pro-Team with finishing the top 3 seeds of annual tournament leaderboard and participate in live tournaments with our full support!
  • Choosing time is a minute before the start of each new year or in other words the last moment of ending christian year at about 23:59 GMT London time.
  • KingShark can add players to the Professional Team based on game experiences or honorably and there may be new ways to choose professional team that will be informed.

Professional Players Facilities:

  • Professional players can attend live tournaments announced by KingShark, We will pay full cost of round trip to the destination tournament country, the full cost of staying at the hotel and the cost of participating in the tournaments selected by us.
  • At the end of each trip, We will calculate all the results for each player, in case of negative result, player will not pay any amount and a player with a positive result will receive up to 30% of benefition.