Loyalty Program

Cashback plan on king shark

  • You can receive up to 15% cash back on your account according to the points you assemble, and also you can receive up to 20% cash back on your account after paying $120,000 rake to website.
  • With your cash back, you can attend in any cash game, pay for the tournament buy-in, shop from the store or even cash out it.
  • As much as more points you gain, you will have more cash back percentage.

You can see the cash back payments in the following:


7.5% Rakeback

1 status point to 99 status points


10% Rakeback

100 status points to 499 status points


12.5% Rakeback

500 status points to 4999 status points


15% Rakeback

5000 status points till you reach to Loyal shark


20% Rakeback

After paying$120,000 rake

  • Your level on King Shark will be determined the last 30 days of playing and the points you earn will drop you to level 1, level 2, level 3 or level 4. Each level you reached will remain only 30 days, in this time you have opportunity to improve your level or earn enough points to remain in your current level, in that time if you couldn’t be able to assemble enough points to remain in your level, you will be dropped to a lower levels according to the points you have.
  • Level 5 players are the ones who pay $120,000 rake to the website in 365 days priod. This players will have cash back according to their levels before they reach to level 5, but as soon as the rake paid by them reach $120,000, their cash back will upgrade to 20% and it will remain for the next 365 days, till that time level 5 players have a chance to keep their level more longer with playing on King Shark.
  • As soon as you reach to level 5, you will have $2,000 cash without any limit and many other non-cash rewards from King Shark.
    Also if you be at level 5 on your Birthday time, King Shark will give you $500 cash as a birthday gift.
  • For each $120,000 rake paying to King Shark you will get another $2000 reward.

How to earn Status Point

    You can earn some kind of points when you play on KingShark. These points are called Status Points. Status Points will define your Cash-Back percentage. In the following you can see how they will be calculated.

  • Each $1 rake equal to 1 status point.
  • Each 5 hands sitting on table while you are dealt with cards, you will get 1 status point.
  • Each 5 hands which players dealt with cards on table whether fold or call, or raise equal to 1 status point. Importance is not only playing hands purely, it doesn’t matter even the player fold still will receive 1 status point.
  • More points for table starters: if you are playing Heads-up or 3-handed for each one dollar rake which you pay to website you will receive 20% more status point. (1.2 status points instead of 1 status point)
  • If you verify your email address after registering on King Shark you will get 10 points. After verifying other personal information on King Shark you will get 90 points.
  • You will get 400 status points on your Birthday (Level 5 players also will get $500 cash reward on their birthday)
  • At the end of each day you can earn status points with minimum remaining balance on your account. You will receive 15 points per day for each $500 remaining balance. Maximum status points which can be earned from remaining balance is 300 status points ($10,000) per day.
  • You can see formule and examples in the following.

Balance Daily points Monthly points Annual points
$500 15 450 5475
$556 16.67 500 6083
$5556 166.67 5000 60838
$10000 300 9000 10950
  • In conclusion with saving $556 average balance per day in your account (even without playing), you will remain at HunterShark level, with saving $5,556 average balance per day in your account (even without playing), you will remain at RealShark level.
  • Imagine that in 2/9/2020 you earned 500 status points and you upgraded to the Hunter Shark level, from that time till one month after you will receive 25% rakeback of hunter shark level. From 2/9/2020 till 2/10/2020 you should try to earn 5000 status points to reach next level which is Real Shark, or at least earn 500 status points to remain in Hunter Shark level. If you earn 5000 status points for example in 25/9/2020 you will be Real Shark level and your status points will be 0, calculations for points will be started from 25/9/2020, So you will need to earn 5000 points to remain in this level from 25/9/2020 till 25/10/2020 or you will drop to lower level!
  • The calculations for level 5 players is totally different and in other way, We calculate the process in base of total rakeback paid to website for the last 12 months, we will show players in any time when player’s rake paid to website reached $120,000, they will be upgraded to level 5 and it continues for the next 12 months. Other levels from 1 to 4 are not important for a year. After a year if the player’s last 12 months rake paid to website was $120,000 , player will remain in level 5, otherwise player will drop to other levels such as 4, 3, 2 or 1 and calculation for player's level will be as status points.

Gift Point

  • Each player will earn one Status point for each one status point earned that will be a reward for their loyalty. You can spend your gift points according to following list:
  • Buying KingShark’s productions from website store
  • Attending in satellite and some tournaments of website
  • Buying packages for live tournaments

Note: Each gift points will expire after one year, You can only use it in that period.
Any time you got the gift points you have only one year to use it. You can only use it in a said ways. You can not withdraw the gift points.

Level Status points Duration Cash back VIP Tournament Levels prize
Young Starting level Last30 Days 7.5%
Strong 100-499 Last30 Days 10%
Hunter 500-4999 Last30 Days 12.5%
Real 5000+ Last30 Days 15%
Loyal $120K+in Rakes Last365 Days 20% $2000+Gold